Dental Spot Welder 110V or 220V

Dental Spot Welder 110V or 220V
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Product Description

    HI-WD Spot welder, is a kind of mechanical and electronic integration mini plant that used for the dentistry and corrects to repair the treatment, it can also be used to heat and former the orthodontic materials. The object of the weld and heat is stainless steel wire of the thickness 0.2-1.8mm

  • Adopt microprocessor control system with dependable quality and high control precision
  • Adopt nixietube to show functional mode and power parameter, use film key-press to adjust parameter, it has been proven more convenient and concise
  • Safe to handle, for it have overtemperature protection, indicator and warning when subpressure, overpressure and misoperation
  • Have memory  of welder parameter, when switch on, shows the same parameters as the last one automatically
  • Adapting to different component
  • Have various functions such as spot welding, braze welding and heat former
  • Specifications

    • Power supply: 220V/50Hz
    • Power: 0.4KW
    • Low pressure alarm: displays "LLLL" and alarm sounds
    • High-pressure alarm: displays "HHHH" and alarm sounds
    • Misoperation alarm: when the function mode does not match the settle mode, displays "LLHH" and alarm sounds
    • Security type: BF
    • Transformer overheating protection: 85℃
    • Capacity regulator: spot welding=1-30, braze welding=1-9, backfire=1-9
    • Dimensions of workpiece: Ф520mm~1.8mm stainless steel
    • Fuse: Ф520mm, 20A
    • Storage environment: temperature -10℃~55℃,Relative humidity ≤80%
    • Ambient conditions: temperature 5℃~40℃ , relative humidity ≤80%
    • Shipping weight: 20 lbs (9 kg)