Dental Spot Welder

Dental Spot Welder
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Product Description

Product Description
    You are bidding on a brand new, factory direct HI-WD Spot welder. This instrument is used to repair various dental treatments, and to repair or heat orthodontic materials. Our precise system uses stainless steel wire between 0.2mm-1.8mm to make durable and long-lasting welds.

  • Features an advanced microprocessor that offers long-lasting and high-precision welds
  • Our user-friendly design accurately displays the functional mode and power parameters, allowing you to adjust desired parameters with ease
  • The advanced safety features is equip with low-pressure, high-pressure, mis-use, and over-heating warnings, protecting your health and safety during operation
  • Automatically saves settings from last time used for your convenience
  • Can be used for various functions, i.e. spot welding, brace welding, heating, etc...
  • Specifications

    • Power supply: 110V or 220V, 60HZ or 50HZ
    • Power: 0.4KW
    • Low pressure alarm: displays "LLLL" and alarm sounds
    • High-pressure alarm: displays "HHHH" and alarm sounds
    • Misoperation alarm: when the function mode does not match the settle mode, displays "LLHH" and alarm sounds
    • Security type: BF
    • Transformer overheating protection: 85℃
    • Capacity regulator: spot welding=1-30, braze welding=1-9, backfire=1-9
    • Dimensions of workpiece: Ф520mm~1.8mm stainless steel
    • Fuse: Ф520mm, 20A
    • Storage environment: temperature -10℃~55℃,Relative humidity ≤80%
    • Ambient conditions: temperature 5℃~40℃ , relative humidity ≤80%
    • Shipping weight: 20 lbs (9 kg)


Dental Spot Welder 110V or 220V
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